Your trip to Kumbhalgarh will be incomplete without experiencing the culinary delights on offer. Located in the Mewar district of Rajasthan, the cuisine of Kumbhalgarh is Rajasthani but with strong under currents of the Kathiawari regions of Gujarat. As a result, you will find a variety of flavors in the food of this region reminiscent of both Rajasthan and Gujarat. Gatte ki Sabzi, Rabodi, Dal Bati are some of the preparations which should not be missed. The use of local spices and herbs make these preparations particularly delicious. In addition to the local preparations, the restaurants in Kumbhalgarh also offer continental and North Indian cuisines to serve the more general pallet.

Dera’s restaurant in Kumbhalgarh has an in-house kitchen that offer tasty and fresh food. The restaurant here has an interesting mix of local and international cuisines. Experienced chefs prepare presentable and delicious dishes that will flatter your palate. We have a wide range of options in our menu ranging from continental to South Indian, Rajasthani to Indian Chinese and Punjabi as well.

The food in Dera Kumbhalgarh is something that you will definitely miss when you are back home.


Indoor Restaurant at Kumbhalgarh

At Dera Kumbhalgarh we have multi cuisine indoor restaurant. Serving Jain and vegetarian meals, this naturally conditioned space can seat up to 70 persons. Choose from Indian, Regional, Continental & Chinese cuisines and pair your meal with the perfect beverage.


We have open air restaurant offering splendid views of the forest & surrounding hills. This venue will serve a limited menu with emphasis on snacks and finger foods. With limited seating, make sure that your reserve your table in advance.


Private Dining

Whether it is in the comfort of your room or in any one of our exclusive venues, we can create a memorable meal experience for you at Dera Kumbhalgarh. From breakfast in bed, to a romantic candle light dinner for two, we will ensure that the delicious food is served to you in the right ambiance & venue. The pool side courtyard, the couple’s garden or the conference spill out are great venues for a private meal.